Football picks Gefle – Hammarby – Sweden Allsvenskan

Saturday, July 30 from 17:00 Gefle receives the reply from Hammarby in a duel of the stage number 17 of Allsvenskan.

Gefle is in last place in the championship with 8 points, with the weakest defense, but also the weakest offensive. In the previous stage, losing 0-2 Gefle traveling from Norrkoping, being the fourth time in the last five stages when this happens and 11th throughout the season. Now should revert to ‘Gavlevallen’, a land where 5 points raised so far, but in the latest dispute was imposed to the detriment of the band Kalmar 4-2.

Hammarby ranked 14, with as many points, the first team below the red line, a point behind saving places. In the previous stage was defeated for the third time in the previous five steps, 0-3, by AIK Stockholm, in a game played on ‘Tele2 Arena’ of the field house at Hammarby. Now going to play on foreign land and things do not seem to change at all, with one point I raised last five trips, the team that received the most goals in this position.

Both Gefle, and Hammarby are teams that need the points, so I think it is likely to be an intense match played. The tour was 2-1 for Hammarby, where they were offs, goals and everything you need to be a tense match. Such a development think we will see in return because Gefle not afford to lose points difference is too great for saving locations. Potential exists for both sides, and I think that chances are two teams offensives to contribute to the score displayed on the table at the end of 90 minutes.