BATE Borisov – Dundalk

Tuesday, July 26, from 21:00 BATE Borisov gets visit to Dundalk in a match of the third preliminary tour of the Champions League.

BATE dominate the championship of Belarus, interrupted earlier this month as it was played half of it, and Rodionov & Co. They are in first place with 35 points, eight ahead of second place team. However, in this break, BATE did not state panel entering the Champions League second preliminary round, where they found the Finish Champion, SJK, eliminating an unemotional 4-2 overall. The otherwise quiescent, BATE is a usual European Cup, especially the Champions League, where they qualify for international competition that has no opponent.

Dundalk and it is in full competition, but has delayed or parties that will evolve in the Champions League to be played in advance and thus ranks 1 to 6 points over the team ranked second. Like opponent in this match, Ireland champions entered the panel previous round Champions League, where he had great problele face Icelanders Hafnarfjordur from in front of which ended in a draw 3-3, but that they have scored more away goals brought them qualification.

BATE is undoubtedly the better team, able to qualify since this match. Dundalk proved he could not overcome his condition, being a modest team, regular competitors to leave as early as two preliminary rounds. That evolves BATE at home and that is far more familiar with stakes games also makes me think not to have problems on Tuesday night, winning on foot, making the return to be a mere formality.